Monster File: Silurians was the eighteenth and final story of the in universe Monster Files. It featured Alex Kingston as River Song.

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  • River Song has files on the Silurians in her diary.
  • River notes that there has been invasion of Earth, not from space or aliens, but by human beings.
  • River acknowledges that humans were not the first civilisation on Earth.
  • Millions of years ago, humans were savage apes.
  • In the early stages of their development, humans were scavengers who were pests to the homo reptilia or "Reptilemen", the first rulers of Earth.
  • Homo reptilia have been known by less accurate nicknames such as Silurians, Eocenes or Sea Devils.
  • Homo reptilia built great cities and established a vast civilisation.
  • Homo reptilia technology allowed them to set up force fields, control other animals such as dinosaurs, tunnel through rock and see into space.
  • Astronomers saw that a small rogue planet was heading toward the Earth on a collision course.
  • Scientists predicted a catastrophic collision that would wipe out their civilisation and so devised a plan to escape the coming apocalypse.
  • The reptile race built huge underground shelters and put themselves into hibernation, intending to sleep through the catastrophe and awaken once the crisis was over.
  • Ultimately, the rogue planet was captured by Earth's gravity and drawn into orbit to become and became the Moon.
  • As no collision occurred, the reptile race slept on through the millennia.
  • Occasionally, some groups of reptiles have awoken, whether by accident or when disturbed by human activity like the Discovery Drilling Project. As a result, there have been several encounters between the two races, all ending in disaster.
  • A group nicknamed "Silurians" was awakened by an underground scientific project and tried to wipe out the human race using a deadly plague. However, the humans found a cure and the Silurians were destroyed.
  • Underwater Sea Devils were woken by renovation work on an old sea fort and proceeded to sink ships, hoping to awaken all the reptile people, but were destroyed by humans as well.
  • Humans and reptiles came the closest ever to a peaceful agreement at the Discovery Project in Cwmtaff. However, the talks faltered again as a human murdered a reptile.
  • River suggests that humans and reptiles will one day learn to live together but not for a long time, as humans cannot even live in peace with each other at the moment.

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