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The Monks (short story)

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The Monk invasion of Earth lasted for a period of just over six months, in which the people of Earth were brainwashed into believing an alternate history: a history in which the benevolent Monks had both guided human evolution and guarded them from threats as powerful as the Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels. (TV: The Lie of the Land)


Preparing to invade[]

To prepare for the invasion, the Monks used a simulation known as the Shadow World to track humans and to choose the exact right moment to invade. The Veritas, an ancient text, contained the truth about the simulation, which would cause the person to commit suicide to free themselves from it. The Veritas was kept in the Haereticum, a library of blasphemy in Vatican City. In 2017 a translator emailed a translation to various locations, including CERN before killing himself. The simulacra of the Pope called the simulacra of the Twelfth Doctor, Nardole, and Bill Potts. In the library Bill and Nardole found a portal to a room full of projectors, while the Doctor read the Veritas but was found by the Monks before he could finish. Meanwhile Bill, and Nardole stepped through a portal and found themselves in CERN where the personnel were about to destroy the building with themselves inside. Before the building exploded, the personnel had them say random numbers, but strangely each time, they said the same number because of the computer nature of the Shadow World. They returned to the room before they were killed, but Nardole was deleted when he stepped out of the light of the projectors, while Bill made her way to the Oval Office in the White House where the president had killed himself by taking a drug overdose. There she found the Doctor, who told her the truth behind the Shadow World. Horrified she denied this but the Monks then deleted her from the simulation. The Doctor then used his sonic sunglasses to send an email of his experiences to the Twelfth Doctor titled "Extremis", to him before the Monks deleted him too, tempting him to release Missy from the Vault. (TV: Extremis)

Awaiting consent[]

The Monks then landed the Cathedral in Turmezistan where the American, Chinese, and Russian armies were about to meet. Suspicious, the Secretary General contacted Bill Potts, Nardole, and the Twelfth Doctor to investigate. A monk then exited the pyramid and reveled that they required consent to invade, and then caused every clock in the world to start counting down to its destruction. They attempted to attack the pyramid, but they failed. The Monks showed them inside the simulation chamber where they reveled that there would be a world-ending catastrophe in the future. The Secretary General offered his consent, but detecting that his decision was based out of fear the Monks disintegrated him. When the American, Russian, and Chinese made peace to stop the event, it did not stop the clock. The Doctor then went to Agrofuel Research Operations, where a chain of events created a bacteria that threatened all life on Earth. Working with a lab worker named Erica, they created a bomb to wipe out the bacteria, but the Doctor got stuck inside with the bomb, prompting Bill to give her consent for them restoring his sight. (TV: The Pyramid at the End of the World)

The reign of the Monks[]

The Monks then moved the Cathedral to London and erected statues of them in every major city, and used Bill's brainwaves to broadcast a version of Earth's history to brainwash people. This so-called True History was transmitted by Monk statues that were set up around the world. Some humans would try to undermine this version of history and present what had really happened, but they would be arrested by the Memory Police. The Monks forced the Doctor to broadcast this false version of history on TV too. Though, the Doctor appeared to approve of this, he was secretly plotting against the Monks. Bill managed to find the Doctor with the help of Nardole. where he pretended to side with the monks before revealing his real motives. They visited Missy to see how to defeat them but was told that the effective method was to fry Bill's mind and leave her permanently brain-dead. However, the Doctor devised another way by hacking into the transmitter and broadcasting the real history of Earth. When the Doctor tried, the Monk controlling the transmitter rejected him. Bill then tried to fry her brain like Missy suggested. At first the Monk just used her to strengthen their hold over Earth. However Bill used her memories of her mother to fight back, as the Monks could not touch the uncorrupted memories of her. The images of her mother were transmitted to every person in the world, breaking their hold over Earth. The Monks then evacuated in the Cathedral and erased themselves from the memories of everyone on Earth. (TV: The Lie of the Land)