Mongolia was a country in Asia north of China. Part of the Gobi Desert was located in Mongolia. (AUDIO: Earthfall) Mongolia's capital was Ulan Bator. (COMIC: The Golden Ones)

In the Cretaceous period, Mongolia was populated by dinosaurs, such as tsintaosaurus, dsungaripterus, protoceratops, velociraptor, ankylosaurs, tyrannosaurs, bactrosaurs and Alioramus. The Seventh Doctor arrived in Mongolia during the Cretaceous period to pick up Ace, whom he had dropped off there. Along the way he encountered a pit of dholes and an alien slave who had escaped from a nearby construction site. Ace arrived with a herd of dinosaurs to trample the site, destroying it and freeing the slaves. (PROSE: Living in the Past)

In the 21st century, UNIT Lieutenant Sam Bishop and Petronella Osgood were deployed to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia in search of a Nestene energy unit. (AUDIO: Earthfall)

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