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The ship of the Monarch travelled between Earth and Urbanka. On these voyages, the Monarch picked up individuals from a range of cultures.

Features Edit

The ship contained millions of Urbankans in storage. It had fully equipped facilities to turn people into Urbankan androids. The ship was patrolled by monopticons which had direct feeds to the Monarch. It had a large room in which the inhabitants could entertain each other with dances or duels. It also had a large conservatory in which experiments were conducted. The Monarch wanted to gain the secret of faster-than-light travel, possibly for use on his ship. (TV: Four to Doomsday)

History Edit

Urbanka to Earth Edit

The Monarch first left Urbanka circa 55,500 BC and arrived at Earth circa 35,500 BC, where he abducted Kurkutji and other Australian aborigines. Returning to Urbanka circa 25,500 BC, he returned to Earth circa 15,500 BC, where he abducted Villagra and other Mayans.

Returning to Urbanka circa 10,500 BC, he returned to Earth circa 5500 BC, where he abducted Lin Futu and other Chinese people. Returning to Urbanka circa 3000 BC, he returned to Earth circa 500 BC, where he abducted Bigon and other Greeks.

These people had their memories extracted and placed in an android version of there former selves. This allowed them to live on. The Monarch's aides, the Minister of Enlightenment and the Minister of Persuasion, also underwent this process.(TV: Four to Doomsday)

Assorted races

The various races present on the ship. From left to right: aborigine, Greek, Mayan and Chinese. (TV: Four to Doomsday)

The final journey Edit

After returning to Urbanka for the last time in 731, he began his final journey to Earth. Millions of Urbankans were stored on slides in a miniaturised form. The Monarch planned to have his people colonise the Earth.

In 1981, four days before arrival, the Fifth Doctor and his companions landed aboard the ship. The Monarch greeted the Doctor and had Tegan draw the appearance of normal humans. These appearances were assumed by the ministers. Nyssa was taken to be processed into an android. The Doctor and Bigon rescued her.

Realising the Doctor had the potential to stop his plans, the Monarch sent his ministers to kill him. However, they were disabled by the Doctor and Adric.

The Monarch himself tried to assault the Doctor, but was exposed to his own poison and killed. As the Doctor had suspected, he was never truly a full android.

Having decided they would no longer have any place on Earth, the androids decided to pilot the ship to a new world and continue their lives there. (TV: Four to Doomsday)

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