Moldox was a human colony planet during the Last Great Time War. The planet and its settlements were attacked in the war and ravaged by Daleks, reducing it to a dying world teetering on oblivion.

Geography Edit

Moldox was located in the Tantalus Spiral. Before the Time War, pleasure palaces existed on the planes overlooking the Barian Sea. Towers in the cities reached high up into the sky, almost to the Tantalus Eye itself. Andor was a city on Moldox. (PROSE: Engines of War)

History Edit

It was the origin of human life in its sector. Before the Daleks arrived on Moldox, the skies used to be filled with transport ships, bringing "new and exotic people". The Daleks invaded Moldox and Skaro Degradations patrols were looking for survivors. The War Doctor met Cinder and left the planet. All Dalek traces were destroyed by Borusa. However, the after-effects of the Dalek invasion still remained and the Doctor believed the residents would regain their memory of the horror caused by the Daleks. (PROSE: Engines of War)

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