Moira Brody was a Dalek slave during the 22nd century Dalek occupation of Earth. Peri Brown met her on board a Dalek ship in 2163. She was interested in how Peri knew about the Daleks and what the Sixth Doctor knew about it. She tried to sell Peri out, but this was a ruse to help them escape. She later drove a truck through some Daleks. She was part of the resistance and recommended going to the Orkney Islands. She was important in the history books, as part of the rebuilding of the Earth. She fell off a boat, and was dragged away by Slythers, but managed to escape it.

The Doctor soon learned that Moira was working for the Daleks all along. She was a Roboman Elite, but managed to break through the conditioning thanks to the Doctor's example. However, realising that Moira now intended to mutate all of humanity into 'free' Robomen so that they could spread out into the universe and defeat any future possible alien threats, the Doctor exposed her plans to the Black Dalek on Earth, ensuring that the Daleks would destroy Moira and the Elite program before they could become the new Daleks. Despite this, the Doctor arranged for the legend of Moira Brody to be spread so that her memory could still provide the example needed on the post-Dalek Earth even if she had never lived up to the legend. (AUDIO: Masters of Earth)

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