Moira worked at Torchwood One under Tommy Pierce in Alien Acquisitions. (AUDIO: New Girl) Torchwood had only one charger for the arachmed, which Moira accidentally spilt cherryade on, breaking it. (AUDIO: Blind Summit)

On Rachel Allan's first day, Yvonne Hartman asked Moira if she was wearing new shoes. Yvonne told Tommy that Rachel was not a girl but a woman like herself. She was less sure about Moira. When she tried to sit with Guleraana Arbid in the cafe, Guleraana told her that the seats were taken. Rachel had Tommy test the Royal Hope transmat on Moira, sending her onto a ship in the North Sea. (AUDIO: New Girl)

Moira was one of the Torchwood members who watched Tommy and Ianto Jones inside of the simulated reality. She was driven to tears by Tommy and Sandra. (AUDIO: Retirement Plan)

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