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Modern Love was the first story in the anthology Lady Stardust. It was written by Alan Taylor.


Writing to his friend, Posthuman Felix recounts his chance meeting with a comatose Iris Wildthyme and her companion Panda.


On Algeria Touchshreik, Felix boards the Celestial Omnibus where he encounters Iris Wildthyme and Panda. It transpires that Iris has been comatose for three days following her escape from a "Universe" without alcohol. Between themselves Felix and Panda realise that Iris is in an alcohol-induced coma, and Felix suspects that they would be able to find some at the local research laboratories.

Upon investigating the laboratory, Panda soon finds some Gin but Felix uncovers the truth - that the laboratory is genetically engineering posthumans. After tripping an alarm, Felix and Panda find themselves imprisoned alongside the other experiments - but Panda manages to escape through the bars and returns to Iris with the Gin. Reawakened from her coma, Iris crashes the Celestial Omnibus into the laboratory and frees Felix. Iris and Panda decide to remain behind to free the other posthumans, however they insit that Felix return home to ensure his friend knows that he is safe.

After conversing with his friend, Felix plans to return and help Iris and Panda rehabilitate the posthumans.



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This story is Iris-lite, with the majority of the adventure focusing on Felix and Panda.


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