Countess Mitzi Wittenmeier was an aristocrat from Austria and a friend of Empress Sisi.

She had a romantic interest in Alfred Stahlbaum. Despite her marrying Count Rolf Wittenmeier, Stahlbaum remained her admirer.

In 1873, four years after their last meeting with Alfred, Mitzi was living in Vienna with her husband and daughter. They had a house but had to let most of the servants go after the Count lost all money in the stock crash.

On 11 September 1873, while searching for her husband at the Vienna Exposition, Mitzi bumped into the Eighth Doctor and Mary Shelley who helped her find the Count in the police custody, accused of two murders, despite himself being attacked. While the Doctor, Mary and Mitzi were investigating the murders, the Count was attacked again right in the police station and lost one eye. After arranging for his transfer to a hospital, Mitzi and Mary returned to the Wittenmeiers' house under instructions from the Doctor to bolt the door.

But when the puppets from Marionettenburg came to kidnap Mitzi, a maid opened the door before anyone could stop her. Only Mary's courage saved Mitzi and her daughter from being kidnapped. After this attack, Mitzi sent her daughter with the maid to Mitzi's sister, who lived in Linz.

Mitzi helped the Doctor locate Stahlbaum and the Silver Turk, a Cyberman from Mondas, after which the Countess returned to her ailing husband.

Instead of him she found Johan Drossel, the man behind the murders and the kidnapping. To her horror, she was confronted with a walking and talking wooden puppet of her husband with both of his eyes. She understood that her husband had been murdered. Drossel took her to her house, where he made his residence, and kept her prisoner in the cellar. Soon she was joined by Stahlbaum and the Doctor. Drossel also made a puppet of her to welcome guests to the house.

When another Cyberman returned to confront Drossel, the prisoners were able to escape in the commotion.

Widowed and without money, she married Stahlbaum. He created a new automaton, the Silver Doctor, and they toured Europe together, giving performances by appointment to the crown heads of Europe. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)

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