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Mission to Magnus was the third and final release in Target's spin-off Missing Episodes line, adapting serials intended for the cancelled Season 23 in 1985-1986.

In February 2009, Big Finish Productions announced they would make an audio drama of it as part of their Lost Stories line. It was released in December of that year.

Publisher's summary[]

"Did I hear 'Doctor'? Is it the Doctor I have drawn to me?" The laugh became more strident, forcing the Doctor to thrust his fingers into his ears in panic and close his eyes, as if here were a frightened child.

The TARDIS has been pulled off course and sent hurtling through space and time. When it finally stops, Peri is amazed to witness the Doctor's transformation into a cringing coward.

The takeover of the TARDIS by the school bully from the class of the fourth millennium on Gallifrey is only the first of the Doctor's problems. On the surface of the planet Magnus more of his old enemies are conspiring to trick the planet's all-female rulers; the Doctor and Peri have to foil a plot to freeze the entire world and wipe out most of the population.



  • The Doctor mentions his time at the Academy and how Anzor was a bully. He also mentions how Cheevah stood up to Anzor, only to b sealed in a block of crystal and dropped from a high height.
  • The Doctor dimly recognises the Ice Warrior's ship.


  • A cover proof exists bearing the Target library number 150 (which is actually that of PROSE: Survival) instead of the Missing Episodes logo, and the Doctor Who logo minus its black background.
  • This was the first Sixth Doctor story to feature the Ice Warriors.


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