Mission to Magnus was the audio adaptation of the unproduced television serial of the same name. A part of Big Finish's The Lost Stories range, it was written by Philip Martin, the writer who originally submitted it to the television production team in the mid-1980s, and featured the main actors who would likely have starred in it had it been made as a part of its originally intended season.

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The Doctor and Peri face enemies at every turn on the planet Magnus. There's the Time Lord bully Anzor, who made the Doctor's life hell during his time at the Academy. There's also Rana Zandusia, the matriarchal ruler of the planet, who seeks to prise the secret of time travel from these alien visitors. Also on Magnus is the slug-like Sil, still bitter from his defeat on the planet Varos and seeking to make his fortune from the most potentially destructive ends. And, deep within the planet, there is something else. Another old enemy of the Doctor's. And the future is looking decidedly colder...

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Mission to Magnus Big Finish Story Art.jpg

CD sleeve illustration of the events of this story.

  • This audio play is an adaptation of an unproduced story from 1986 that was already novelised by Target Books.
  • This story features Sil, who, at the time of writing, had recently appeared in TV: Vengeance on Varos and would later appear in TV: Mindwarp. However, in the latter story Sil implies that it was the first time that he has seen the Doctor and Peri since their encounter on Varos.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 18 and 19 February 2009.

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