Mission to Galacton was a story featured in Doctor Who Files 7: The Daleks. It was written by Justin Richards.

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At the height of the Dalek Empire before the Last Great Time War, a fleet of freighters carried plundered resources across the universe. The Daleks were constantly in search of new planets to strip of their resources for their Empire. Dalek saucer X-K Beta-19, coming out of hyper-drive, comes across Galacton (third planet around a sun). Detecting a high level of Radio-Activan at the planet's core, the Daleks decide to drill into the core, energise it and use it as fuel for the Dalek Seventh Fleet.

The task force of two hundred Daleks sends a small landing party led by a Dalek Section Leader. They arrive at a clearing in the dense jungle and locate seven drilling sites. Without any obvious opposition, all surplus Daleks are recalled while enrichment energiser capsules are readied to be inserted into the bore holes. Two Daleks fail to respond to the recall. An automatic distress signal is received from one. Dalek Attack Squad Delta, comprised of three Daleks, is dispatched to investigate.

As the source of the distress signal near one of the bore holes, the Dalek squad finds the battered and scattered remains of the two Daleks. From the mound of earth thrown up by the drilling, creatures arise, composed of the very ground themselves. Their red eyes watch and their huge giant craggy arms swipe at the Daleks, knocking them flying and smashing them to bits. Images of the brutal attack are seen in the control room of the Dalek saucer. They see one of the Daleks fall down the bottomless hole.

As the creatures move towards the saucer, immediate evacuation is ordered. The blast from the ship's engine shatters some of the creatures and the Dalek ship makes its escape to rejoin the main saucer.

Miles beneath the ground, the Dalek Attack Squad Leader, stuck on a ledge, stirs and its systems comes back online. Unable to escape the shaft, it decides to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Dalek Empire. Using the last of its power, it fires into the core. The blast penetrates and molten rock surges to the surface. Onboard the Dalek saucer, the Dalek Saucer Commander is triumphant – the planet's core has been energised and is ready to be loaded as fuel, the hostile alien life form has been exterminated, and the planet of Galacton destroyed. “DALEKS CONQUER AND DESTROY!” The chant of the Daleks, echoes around their ship.

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