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Missing in Action was a Brief Encounter short story published in Doctor Who Magazine 205. It focused on the sadder aspects of involvement with UNIT caused by the dangers in their field of work, and the issues its personnel dealt with when they had to inform families about the deaths of relatives.

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Private David Edmunds has been reported missing in action during events at Auderly House. During an interview with Edmunds' father and sister, Captain Mike Yates finds himself in the awkward situation of not being able to talk truthfully to the grieving family about what has happened, nor explain why they may not view the corpse. How can Yates possibly tell them that Edmunds was killed by the blast of an Ogron weapon and utterly disintegrated?

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  • It is unclear as to whether Private David Edmunds was one of the two UNIT soldiers disintegrated by the guerrillas — who used weapons similar to those carried by the Ogrons — in Day of the Daleks episode one, or if he was killed (off-screen) during the attack by the Daleks and Ogrons on Auderly House in episode four.
  • This story is set shortly after the events of the Day of the Daleks.

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