Missing Persons was a full cast audio anthology released in 2013 by Big Finish Productions. It was the final box set release in the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series, outside of The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield, before The Story So Far.

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When Bernice Summerfield was invited to participate in a cult archaeology broadcast on the mysterious world of Saravas, she could never have imagined the secrets she might unearth there... or the terrible Truth that would stalk her back to Legion.

With friends and family by her side, Bernice quickly finds herself flung into the face of danger: either combating deranged despots at terraformed garden parties, appeasing gunslingers in the White Rabbit bar, or simply attempting to survive on a barren desert planet, all alone...

The odds are stacked against her, and this is undoubtedly the end for Bernice Summerfield... but she's determined to go out fighting!

Stories Edit

# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1 Big Dig Hamish Steele Scott Handcock, Gary Russell Jack, Ruth, the Epoch 24 December 2013 BFPBSBOX005
2 The Revenant's Carnival Martin Day Peter
3 The Brimstone Kid David Llewellyn Braxiatel
4 The Winning Side James Goss The Epoch
5 In Living Memory Gary Russell, Scott Handcock Jack, Ruth, Peter, Braxiatel, the Epoch

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