Missing, Part Two: Message in a Bottle was the seventeenth story in the Short Trips anthology More Short Trips. It was written by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker. It featured Melanie Bush.


A bottle drifts through space. It has a message written on paper in it, and there is a strand of red hair caught in the stopper.

Mel often looks up at the sky and wonders if the bottle is still there.

The bottle has been caught in a stream of matter being drawn into a black hole. It cannot escape gravity's pull, and will be crushed centuries from now.

As the bottle continues its travels, a blue box is briefly reflected in its surface.



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  • This story describes Mel's thoughts after she'd returned home to Pease Pottage following her travels with Sabalom Glitz. In it, she pondered the fate of a message in a bottle that she'd thrown out into the universe, in the hopes that the Doctor might one day find it.
  • The story occurred slightly after, or perhaps coincident with, the events of Missing, Part One: Business as Usual, also published in the same volume.