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Bonnie with a missile launcher. (TV: The Zygon Invasion)

A missile was a projectile weapon.

Fendelman worked on a missile guidance system in the 1960s. (TV: Image of the Fendahl)

The Cybermen launched a missile at the Doctor's TARDIS. Their Cyber-Fleet was later destroyed by missiles launched at the behest of UNIT. (TV: The Invasion)

In the 1970s, Daleks launched Polaris missiles from a stolen nuclear submarine the USS Jefferson at Sydney, destroying Sydney Harbour Bridge. (COMIC: *Sub Zero)

When the Archaeons attempted to eradicate the humans of Earth, the humans retaliated with missiles, destroying the Archaeons. (AUDIO: The Beginning)

The Ice Warriors launched sonic missiles at the Argosy when Paul Webster captured Sstast and attempted to take him to Ares One. (AUDIO: Red Dawn)

Bonnie launched a missile at Boat One, destroying it but failing to kill the Twelfth Doctor. (TV: The Zygon Invasion)

In 200100, Daleks launched missiles at the Doctor's TARDIS, but it was protected by extrapolator shielding. (TV: The Parting of the Ways) When Oswin Oswald lowered the force field surrounding the Dalek Asylum, the Parliament of the Daleks unleashed a volley of missiles that destroyed the planet. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

The Marshal of Atrios launched missiles at Zeos, but the Fourth Doctor redirected them to the third planet, destroying it. (TV: The Armageddon Factor)

Sea Base 4 was armed with proton missiles. (TV: Warriors of the Deep)

A Reconnaissance Scout Dalek had missiles in its casting, which it used to destroy a human army platoon by blowing up a tank. (TV: Resolution)