"Miss Hiroshima" was a 1996 episode of the television series Through the Eye of Eternity.

It was made by Chad Vandemeer using the GCI processor, after which he passed it along to Michael Brookhaven. The episode also notably featured the only appearance of the Brown Eye of Eternity. After the episode's original broadcast, it was lost from UPN studio archives and never seen again; any description of the story was similarly lost.

The Book of the War linked to an article about Miss Hiroshima in its explanation of the enemy, but the article didn't exist, suggesting that the enemy had removed it from the text. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Amara, who described herself as being "made into a ticking bomb" by the enemy, wore a red Eye of Eternity brooch that had browned over time. (PROSE: What Keeps Their Lines Alive)

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