Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre was the fifth release in the Sarah Jane Smith audio series from Big Finish Productions. It concluded the first series, as well as the series storyline involving Hilda Winters's attempts to bring down Sarah Jane Smith.

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A bio-warfare scandal from the 1940s takes Sarah to a remote island in the Indian Ocean. She pursues the scoop with a fellow journalist from her former company, Planet 3. But why won't she contact her friends back in the UK? Josh and Natalie discover that Sarah has been searching for pursuers in the rear-view mirror for so long that she hasn't noticed who's now in the driving seat. A long way from home, and far from safe, will Sarah see the dangers in her present and the enemies from her past — before it's too late?

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MirrorSignalManoeuvre Cover

Alternate cover

  • At one point, Josh says, "Mini driver goes in search of government secrets. Finds them. The end. It's a mini adventure." He is referencing a contemporary advertising campaign for the then-new BMW Mini motor car.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 26 February 2002.
  • This audio drama has an alternate cover that does not feature Hilda Winters.
  • This story features an extended remix of the theme tune in the behind-the-scenes segment.

Continuity Edit

  • Hilda Winters last met Sarah Jane Smith twenty years previously in TV: Robot, although she has been plotting against her for a long period of time. (AUDIO: The Tao Connection)
  • Josh mentions his last trip on a plane. (AUDIO: Ghost Town)

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