Miranda Cleaves was a Ganger cloned from the 22nd century Earth miner of the same name.

Unlike the other Gangers, she was reluctant to go to war against the humans, but Ganger Jennifer insisted that it was Gangers or humans. Ganger Miranda finally agreed. After hacking into Miranda Cleaves's distress signal, she redirected the rescue shuttle to the courtyard and told the rescue crew that all the Gangers had been incinerated.

When the Ganger Doctor showed Adam to Ganger Jimmy, she stood up to Jennifer, and told her that she couldn't go through with the plan. She switched sides, and stayed with Rory Williams until Amy Pond and everybody else came and told them to leave. When Jennifer had grown into a hideous monster, she, along with the rest of the gangers, was told to go to the TARDIS. The real Cleaves said she was not leaving the factory, but rushed into the TARDIS after Ganger Cleaves had told her to. She stayed behind with Doctor Ganger, and collapsed with him and Jennifer into flesh. (TV: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People)

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The Ganger of Miranda Cleaves is available in the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game both as an ally and as an enemy.

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