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Miranda Gerhardt was the wife of Bruce Gerhardt, the paramedic whose body was taken over by the Master. (PROSE: The Novel of the Film)


In 1994, Miranda was involved in a car accident, and was assisted by paramedic Bruce Gerhardt. The pair quickly struck up a friendship, and soon married. (PROSE: The Novel of the Film)

On the night of 30 December 1999, Miranda was being kept awake by Bruce's snoring. The problem was solved when, unbeknownst to her, the Master killed him and took over his body with a Deathworm Morphant. The next morning, she was killed by the Master when he broke her neck, (TV: Doctor Who) with her last thought being of her lightheadedness.

Her body was discovered shortly afterwards, and the police concluded that Bruce had killed her. (PROSE: The Novel of the Film)

Behind the scenes

  • Miranda was played by Eliza Roberts, the real-world wife of Eric Roberts, who played Bruce and the Master.
  • For the UK transmissions of Doctor Who, only the sound effect of Miranda's neck breaking was removed; the picture remained intact.
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