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Mira (pronounced: MY-rah) was a planet that was nearer Kembel than Earth. It was a foggy, marshy world, covered in scrubby vegetation. It was the homeworld of the Visians, an invisible, predatory species. According to the First Doctor, Mira supported no other sentient life.

In the year 4000, Mira was the selected destination for a test of a new long-range faster-than-light transport system conducted on Earth by scientists Froyn and Rhynmal. The test was originally intended to send two lab mice to Mira, but the First Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Sara Kingdom were also transmatted there when they accidentally barged into the test chamber at the last moment. Because the cage containing the mice also contained a transmitter, the Dalek taskforce on Kembel were able to track the Doctor to Mira and dispatch a taskforce to capture him and retrieve the taranium he had stolen from them. However, a battle between the Daleks and the Visians enabled the Doctor and his companions to escape in the confusion, and they eventually escaped from Mira by stealing the Daleks' ship. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan)

During his investigation of George Sheldrake, a Space Security Service spaceship transporting Mark Seven crashed on Mira. The crew save Mark all fell prey to the Visians, who also attacked the team sent to investigate the crash, including Anya Kingdom. During this investigation, the Tenth Doctor found himself transported to Mira and joined Anya’s team. Mark helped Anya and the Doctor reach the retrieval team’s ship and they escaped Mira. (AUDIO: Buying Time)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Initial drafts for The Daleks' Master Plan, rather than giving the planet a name, simply called this place "The Planet of Mists".[1]