A Mini Metro was a type of car from 20th century Earth.

After the Eighth Doctor's Volkswagen Beetle was destroyed, he replaced it with an S-Reg Mini Metro. It had a Volkswagen "VW" badge glued to its bonnet. He parked it in a corner of his TARDIS console room. One of his companions had left a note on its windscreen reading, "It's just not the same, Doctor. Get rid of it." Sarah Jane Smith, who had managed to get into the Doctor's TARDIS while he was imprisoned, found the Mini Metro and used it to drive around the TARDIS' corridors. (PROSE: Interference - Book Two)

Sarah Jane later stated that finding parts to repair K9 was not analogous to finding parts for a Mini Metro. (TV: School Reunion)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In terms of UK-registered motor vehicles, the term "S-Reg" refers to a letter S in the space on the vehicle's registration plate which indicates when the vehicle was first registered, thereby revealing the approximate age of the car. An S-Reg would date the Doctor's Mini Metro as having been registered sometime between 1 August 1998 and 28 February 1999.
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