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Mindwarp was the unbroadcast title given to the second story of The Trial of a Time Lord, the season-long story arc that covered Season 23 of Doctor Who. It saw the final appearance of Peri Brown in the series from a present perspective and the guest appearance of Brian Blessed as King Yrcanos.

On 14 September 2019, the story was shown at BFI Southbank with 5.1 surround sound mix and re-recorded music by original composer Richard Hartley. A Q&A with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant was also held.[1][2]


As the trial of the Doctor continues, evidence is presented showing his most recent adventure - where he faces an old adversary, Sil. As a scientist conducts his unethical experiments to prolong the life of Sil's boss Kiv, the Doctor's memory of the events begins to return... and an unpleasant surprise awaits him.


Part five[]

The Valeyard and the Doctor argue about the Doctor's involvement in past events. The Inquisitor warns them to pay due respect to the judicial process. The Valeyard presents his second block of evidence - the Doctor's arrival on the planet Thoros Beta.

The TARDIS arrives on the planet, where the Doctor shows Peri Brown a weapon given to him by the "Warlord of Thordon", made on Thoros Beta. He says he has come to find out how the warlords obtained the technology. They enter a cave where Peri is grabbed by a monstrous creature. In the struggle, the Doctor shoots it.

The Valeyard accuses the Doctor of deliberately shooting the monster, but he insists the weapon went off accidentally.

A figure arrives and accuses the Doctor and Peri of murdering the Raak, despite their protestations that it attacked them first. The figure asks if they are part of Crozier's group. The Doctor says he is. They flee before they can be identified as imposters, but are quickly faced by another monster. It reacts kindly when the Doctor is nice to it. They flee further. As they hide, they see three reptilian figures being carried by guards. The third is their old enemy Sil. The Doctor realises Sil is probably behind the arms sales and informs Peri that Thoros Beta is the homeworld of Sil's race, the Mentors. Peri is particularly displeased by this, since Sil once tried to turn her into a bird woman.

In Crozier's laboratory, King Yrcanos is being experimented on. The Doctor and Peri sneak inside. As the Doctor sabotages some of Kiv's equipment, Sil arrives in the laboratory. The Doctor is strapped to a table and Crozier applies a metal helmet to his head. Crozier states that the equipment will extract the truth from a suspect and could prove fatal. He starts to probe the Doctor's mind, and the Doctor screams in agony...

Part six[]

King Yrcanos awakes and destroys the equipment. Overpowering the guards, he departs the laboratory, followed by a stunned Doctor and Peri. Yrcanos outlines his plans to attack the Mentors. The Doctor says he would enjoy that and then collapses.

Yrcanos, the Doctor and Peri

Yrcanos, the Doctor and Peri.

The Doctor tells the Inquisitor that he cannot remember these events. The Valeyard tells him he is in for a surprise if this is true.

Yrcanos, the Doctor and Peri go to where new slaves are brought into the base. Yrcanos plans to attack the guards and steal their weapons, but as he sneaks into the room, the Doctor calls out to the guards, giving him away. Yrcanos, unable to fight the guards, flees. Peri points a weapon at Sil and asks the Doctor for help, but he ignores her. Peri drops the weapon and flees after Yrcanos. Sil asks the Doctor why he helped the Mentors, and he replies that the odds were on their side.

In the courtroom, the Doctor is shocked by this scene, but quickly realises that he must be playing a clever ploy to gain the Mentors' trust and disrupt their operations from the inside.

Peri comes across Matrona Kani, who offers to let her to join the Mentors' servants rather than turn her over to the guards. With very little choice open to her, Peri accepts. Covered with a veil, she enters the Commerce Room with Kiv's medication. The Doctor asks her to get him a drink, so she disguises her voice to avoid being recognised. When she brings him a new drink, the Doctor uncovers her and denounces her as an enemy to the Mentors.

The Doctor tells the courtroom that what they are seeing is all part of his ploy. He says he planned to gain the Mentors' trust so that he would be allowed to interrogate her alone, giving them a chance to escape.

However, the Matrix screen instead shows Peri lashed to the rocks on the shoreline, with the Doctor standing over her, accusing her of being a spy. She asks why he is behaving the way he is, and the Doctor tells her that Crozier is planning to put Kiv's brain into his body unless he can help them. Crozier stops the interrogation, saying that they have more effective methods of extracting the truth from Peri. As they re-enter the complex, Yrcanos attacks the guard and threatens to kill the Doctor...

Part seven[]

However, Peri smashes the gun from Yrcanos's hands, allowing the Doctor to flee. Back in the courtroom, the Doctor begins to suspect that aspects of the matrix recording have been altered, to portray him in a more negative light.

In Crozier's laboratory, the scientist prepares to transplant Kiv's brain into a recently deceased Mentor corpse with the help of the Doctor. The operation proves successful.

Crozier, Kiv and the Doctor

Brain Transplant.

Meanwhile, Yrcanos, Peri and Dorf team up with members of the Alphan resistance. Tuza, the leader of the rebels is initially suspicious, but upon who Yrcanos is, he agrees to allow Yrcanos to lead them in an attack on the Mentors. They go to the resistance arms dump, but they are ambushed by Mentor guards and shot down. Watching these events on the Matrix screen in the Time Lord courtroom, the Doctor protests that he was not responsible. The Valeyard, however, replies, "In your mind, perhaps not. But in reality, it is somewhat different, Doctor." The Doctor looks perturbed...

Part eight[]

However, it is revealed Peri, Yrcanos and the other members of the resistance have merely been stunned, and they are taken to cells. Whilst locked up, Peri and Yrcanos start to develop affectionate feelings for each other, as Peri tells Yrcanos about the concept of 'love'.

In Crozier's laboratory, Lord Kiv is rambling due to the body of the fisherman influencing his brain. Crozier makes plans to transfer the brain into another more suitable body and Matrona Kani suggests using Peri. The Doctor says he would prefer that she is not experimented on, but while he is trying to find another candidate, Crozier decides to examine Peri anyway.

As Peri is taken from the cell, she shares a final fond moment with Yrcanos, briefly holding his hand before being escorted to the laboratory.

Arriving at the Induction Centre, the Doctor finds Tuza being held in a cubicle in preparation for a mind control implant to be installed. Promising to help Tuza, the Doctor persuades Frax to take him to Yrcanos.

In the laboratory, the results of Crozier's initial examination of Peri prove promising and he begins to prepare for some antigen tests. Recognising this as a blood test, a confused and worried Peri protests that she is not marrying anyone. Approving of Peri's spirit and strength, Crozier remarks that he will try to retain those personality traits of hers if at all possible. Peri's expression grows more anxious as she silently wonders what exactly Crozier has planned for her.

The Doctor goes to Yrcanos's cell and tricks Frax, allowing Yrcanos and Dorf to escape. A puzzled Yrcanos is initially suspicious, but the Doctor is able to convince the king that they are on the same side.

With Sil assisting him, Kiv begins his business negotiation with the Posicarian delegate. Unfortunately, due to still suffering after-effects from the brain transplant, a confused Kiv mistakenly manages to negotiate a fish concession with the ambassador, even though Sil points out that Kiv hates fish.

Peri is lying flat on an examination bed with a pillow, with medical sensors attached to her forehead. She is initially pleased to hear that the results of Crozier's tests have found her to be fit and healthy. However, while Peri's unsuspecting attention is on Crozier, the Matrona proceeds to buckle restraining straps around her arms and waist, securing her to the table. Taken by surprise, Peri angrily exclaims 'Hey!', but her protests are then immediately muffled when Kani stuffs a cotton swab into the American girl's mouth, which Crozier then secures in place by wrapping a wide red-orange bandage over Peri's lips and lower face. As Crozier finishes fastening the struggling Peri's gag in place, he informs her that she is perfect for what he believes will be his finest experiment.

Returning to the Induction Centre, the Doctor, Yrcanos and Dorf overpower the guards and free Tuza. They then set off to liberate the slaves from the Mentor's mind control implants, much to the annoyance of an aged Mentor who cannot stand Yrcanos' bellowing.

Peri's head is shaved

Peri's head is shaved.

In the laboratory, the bound and gagged Peri looks questioningly up at Crozier as he silently ponders his next move regarding her. Crozier looks to the waiting Matrona and instructs her to shave Peri's head, as he has decided to attempt direct transference. Horrified, Peri screams desperately into her gag and clenches her eyes shut, but her muffled pleas are ignored as Crozier removes the medical sensors from her forehead, and the Matrona reaches over with a pair of surgical scissors and proceeds to cut Peri's hair off.

The Doctor's group head towards the control room, from where all the slaves are mentally controlled. They succeed in freeing the slaves from mental control, but Dorf is killed by a passing guard. As the complex descends into chaos, the Doctor, Yrcanos and Tuza head to the lab to rescue Peri, but the Doctor ends up getting lost in the crowd of confused slaves.

Peri has been fully prepared for the operation to turn her into Kiv's new host body, with all her hair cut off and removed, and her skull shaved completely smooth. Although she is no longer gagged, Peri is unconscious, apparently sedated, and the surgical helmet has been fitted on her bald head. The Matrona finishes connecting wires and electrodes to the helmet, and declares that all is ready, as Lord Kiv is taken to the laboratory for the medical procedure to begin.

As the Doctor heads towards the lab, the TARDIS suddenly appears in the hallway. The Doctor is drawn backwards into it and it takes off, heading for the space station.

In the courtroom, the Inquisitor tells the Doctor that this was the result of an order from the High Council because the result of Crozier's experiment would affect all life in the Universe.

On the Matrix Screen, the operation in the lab is shown to have been successfully completed. As the Matrona gently removes the transfer helmet from Peri's shaved head, Crozier proclaims that he has altered the basis of all future life. Instead of surgically transplanting Kiv's brain into Peri's bald body, Crozier has successfully transferred the contents of Kiv's mind into Peri's brain. Although Peri is still physically alive, she has effectively been brainwashed into becoming Kiv, with her original memories and personality erased, and her mind now a perfect copy of the Mentor Leader's. As Peri begins to stir from her sedated sleep, Crozier states that mentally the person she once was no longer exists. Crozier further explains that when Peri's brain eventually ages, he can then transfer Kiv's consciousness into another body, meaning that the Mentor leader need never die.

As Yrcanos prepares his attack on the laboratory, the Time Lords capture him in a time bubble so that his attack is perfectly timed to destroy Crozier's work.

In the lab, the bald girl who used to call herself Peri opens her eyes, her brain now completely possessed by the mind of Kiv. Her voice has been altered, the American accent gone and replaced by a more distorted one similar to a Mentor. Delighted with the results of the transference, Peri/Kiv revels in her new warm-blooded female form. Upon catching sight of her old Mentor body, Peri/Kiv expresses her revulsion and orders it to be destroyed. Crozier gently lies her back on the bed and assures her that it already is dead. He welcomes the Mentor Leader to her new body, while Sil laments that Crozier could not find a more attractive host body for Kiv.

You killed PEri..

Kiv in Peri's body.

The time bubble dissipates and Yrcanos bursts into the laboratory, firing upon Sil. Upon seeing Yrcanos, Peri/Kiv sits up and commands the guards to protect her, causing a horrified Yrcanos to realise that he has arrived too late to save Peri from Crozier's experiment. Consumed with fury and despair, Yrcanos begins firing his gun wildly, seemingly killing Peri and the others in the process.

The Doctor is shocked by what he has seen. The Inquisitor and the Valeyard tell him that it was necessary to end Peri's life to prevent the disastrous consequences of Crozier's experiment. The Doctor, awash with rage, insists that he was taken out of time for another reason, and he declares that he's going to find out why...


Uncredited cast[]


Uncredited crew[]


Foods and beverages[]





  • The Search-Conv-Corp are a "bunch of burnt out space rangers who search for wrecked spaceships".


  • There is a Sondlex crop on Wilson One.
  • Skulnesh has very nasty sewers.
  • There are seven-legged chargers on Corojaan.
  • Thoros-Alpha, home to a humanoid race called Alphans, enslaved by the Mentors, is the twin planet of Thoros Beta. It appears as a large, white body, clearly visible during the Betan day, and has a large, white ring belt.
  • The Mentors are dealing with a Posicarian delegate from Posicar.
  • Tokl is a planet in the Rim Worlds.


  • All of the universe's commodity markets can be accessed by a communications device called the warpfold relay.
  • Crozier's equipment includes a lexifier and an endrodiotone.
  • Crozier works on a BTU - a brain transference unit.


  • Phasers have been sold on Thordon from Thoros Beta.

Story notes[]

  • The story had the working title The Planet of Sil.[source needed]
  • The special effect showing a ringed planet in the sky over Thoros Beta early in the serial duplicates an image seen at the end of the 1985 New Zealand SF film The Quiet Earth.[source needed]
  • The Radio Times programme listing for part six was accompanied by a black-and-white publicity still of Yrcanos putting his fists up to the camera, with the accompanying caption "Rogue chieftain with the evil eye: Brian Blessed as Yrcanos / BBC1, 5.45 p.m. Doctor Who". (original published text)
  • In keeping with the "colour coding" of the Doctor's cravats, this story sees him wearing his red cravat, consistent with its events leading directly up to the start of the trial. This is its earliest chronological appearance within his time stream, although he wears it throughout the court room scenes, from the previous story through to the end of The Ultimate Foe.
  • Brian Blessed turned down a major film so he could work on this serial.[source needed]
  • Nicola Bryant hated filming the interrogation scenes where she was tied to a rock by the sea, as she did not like the sea.[source needed]
  • Peri's final fate happened in part because Nicola Bryant was interested in playing a villain.[source needed]
  • Most of the time, Colin Baker had no idea if the events of the story were real or if the events had been tampered with. Neither Philip Martin nor Ron Jones knew, and Eric Saward had resigned his post as script editor by the time production began, so he played it as if it were a lie. "I was very confused by it, but I had a very different problem, especially in Mindwarp because there was a point when I said to Eric Saward, the script editor, “When I’m tying Peri to this rock and threatening to torture her, am I doing it for some subtle reason of my own, because I think I’m being watched or whatever, or because I’ve been affected by the mind probe, or is the Matrix lying?” Those were the three alternatives as I saw it. He said “I don’t know, you’d better ask Philip Martin”, so I got in touch and gave him those three alternatives, he said “I don’t know, Eric wrote the trial stuff, all the Matrix stuff was added after, by Eric, you’d better ask him.” So I went to John Nathan-Turner, he said “Oh, whichever you like.” This is the level of involvement at the time. Eric was going through his own problems at the time, disagreeing with John Nathan-Turner on all sorts of things. I felt that was all very sloppy, it was all cobbled together a bit. The stories were written independently, and the trial theme was put on top. I felt it was the Matrix lying, so I really was torturing Peri. But it was very difficult. You expect the writers to know what’s happening, but that’s not always the case".[source needed]
  • George Baker, John Carson, Phil Collins, Michael Craig, James Ellis, Peter Gilmore, Don Henderson, Bernard Hill, Derek Jacobi, Stratford Johns, Denis Lill, John Rhys-Davies, Clifford Rose, David Warner and Frank Windsor were considered for Yrcanos.[source needed]
  • Nicholas Ball, Andrew Burt, Michael Cochrane, Phil Collins, Peter Firth, Jack Galloway, Clive Merrison, Jeff Rawle, Simon Rouse, Paul Shelley, David Warner, James Warwick and Simon Williams were considered for Crozier.[source needed]
  • King Yrcanos's helmet is based on the Samurai.[source needed]
  • According to Colin Baker, Patrick Ryecart was baffled by the serial and "never knew his bloody lines".[source needed]
  • Brian Blessed claimed the production "was not an entirely happy atmosphere" due to the threat that the series might be taken off.[source needed] He later said he thought Colin Baker hadn't made up his mind how to play the Doctor and he found his version of the Doctor unhappy.[source needed]
  • Eric Saward thought this was the best story of the season.[source needed]
  • During rehearsals, Philip Martin was worried about the amount of silliness going on. Brian Blessed was telling anecdotes and the cast started to play their roles in a very stylised manner.[source needed]
  • Brian Blessed played Ycranos like he played Prince Vultan, his character from Flash Gordon.[source needed]
  • Brian Blessed thought the script was brilliant because of Ycranos' interaction with Peri, as if he'd never met a woman before.[source needed]
  • Colin Baker recounted a take near the studio cut-off point at 10 PM, where nobody messed around because there was no time for a re-take. Brian Blessed had to say, "Right, let's go find the Mentors". Instead, he dried and said, "Let's find the f*ckerons!". There was silence in the studio and Baker and Nicola Bryant expected Blessed to get a telling off from John Nathan Turner. Instead, Nathan-Turner tip-toed down from the gallery and said, "That wasn't very helpful, Brian". Blessed replied, "Sorry, old boy. Can never remember the f*cking words". A re-take took place.[source needed]
  • Nicola Bryant claimed that the lab door cost more than she did.[source needed]
  • Christopher Ryan is best known for his role in The Young Ones. Colin Baker filmed a sketch for the first season where he played Evil Count Dustbug that was cut from the final broadcast.[source needed]
  • The role of King Ycranos was always written for Brian Blessed.[source needed]
  • It was during production of this story that Robert Holmes passed away. Eric Saward announced the news on set.[source needed]
  • Part six aired on Nicola Bryant's birthday.
  • Kani was originally named Matrona Kana.[source needed] Matrona is Latin for Matron.
  • Nabil Shaban wore the same body as had been constructed for Vengeance on Varos, but a new headpiece was fabricated which had more frills.[source needed]
  • Philip Martin was surprised and dismayed by some of the changes Eric Saward made to his scripts. He had tried to adhere to the instructions of Michael Grade to emphasise humour over violence, only to discover that Saward had eliminated many of the comedic elements he had developed.[source needed]
  • For Peri's death scene, Nicola Bryant wore a bald skullcap, although she had to be careful to keep her head still in order to maintain the illusion. She also used her natural British accent, which was then modulated in the same manner as the Mentor version of Kiv.
  • To save money, the Possican delegate was represented by a repainted Terileptil mask, originally constructed for The Visitation.
  • While filming scenes in Crozier's laboratory, painstaking lighting changes provoked a labour dispute and, as a result, the work proceeded slowly. On the last day, Ron Jones was only able to complete material in Kiv's chamber and profit room, alongside additional corridor sequences; this represented significantly less than what he had planned to accomplish.[source needed]
  • For the induction centre, designer Andrew Howe-Davies intended to lower two of the studio lighting rigs to serve as circular entranceways, but the lighting crew objected to the use of their equipment for this purpose. Fortunately, a compromise was brokered whereby Howe-Davies abandoned his plan to use the actual lights on the rigs, and work was soon progressing so smoothly that Jones was able to make up for the earlier delays.[source needed]
  • When the crew arrived at BBC Television Centre to film the trial scenes, they discovered that the set had not been erected, almost duplicating the error that had plagued The Mysterious Planet. This time, fortunately, the scenery crew managed to correct the mistake quickly enough that Jones was able to complete all of the required shots.[source needed]
  • While filming at the Rock of Sorrows, a crewmember had accidentally noted the times of high and low tide in reverse. As a result, the water became much deeper than anticipated as the day progressed, and Nicola Bryant grew particularly concerned about the battery pack powering her microphone when shooting the scene of the Doctor and Peri arriving on Thoros-Beta. Ron Jones worked quickly to complete this material before the actors' safety was comprised.[source needed]
  • In post-production, a new digital compositor called HARRY was used to alter the colours in the outdoor scenes on Thoros-Beta. The lurid result was in accordance with the script, which described Thoros-Beta as boasting purple mountains, a bright green sky and a pink sea.[source needed]
  • Nicola Bryant wanted a dramatic exit, as she felt that Janet Fielding's exit in Resurrection of the Daleks was lacklustre. Following her last day, a farewell party was held at John Nathan-Turner's home in Brighton. During the festivities, the producer acknowledged that the season finale would explain that Peri had not died on Thoros-Beta after all. Bryant was disappointed that this revelation would undermine her exit.[source needed]
  • Philip Martin and Alibe Parsons had previously collaborated on the series Gangsters.


Brackets refer to this story's individual parts.
  • Part Five (1) - 4.8 million viewers
  • Part Six (2) - 4.6 million viewers
  • Part Seven (3) - 5.1 million viewers
  • Part Eight (4) - 5.0 million viewers


  • The expansion of Kiv's brain is a direct result of Crozier experimenting on him to increase his intelligence. (It isn't. Dialogue establishes that Kiv's intelligence and brain expansion are the result of his being a mutant and that Crozier wasn't hired until the expansion had already become a serious problem.)

Filming locations[]

Production errors[]

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • After the Raak has finished attacking the Doctor and Peri and dies, a boom shadow can be seen across Colin Baker's head.


  • Sil appears again, much to Peri's displeasure, (TV: Vengeance on Varos) returning following the events of PROSE: Mission to Magnus/AUDIO: Mission to Magnus, before making his final appearance to date in AUDIO: Antidote to Oblivion.
  • It would later be revealed that numerous iterations of Peri had been created from the events on Thoros Beta. The result of repeated attempts at historical revisionism by various Time Lord administrations. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox) The currently known versions of Peri are as follows:
    • In the original timeline, witnessed during the Doctor's trial, Peri died at the hands of Crozier and his mind transference experiment. A victim of temporal interference from the Time Lords. She was avenged by Yrcanos. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox)
    • One account implies that Peri survived the assassination and continued to be possessed by Kiv, until a new host body was needed. (PROSE: Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor)
    • In a later timeline, Peri was rescued from the mind transference experiment by Yrcanos, whom she subsequently married, thus becoming a Warrior Queen of Krontep. (TV: The Ultimate Foe) In this version of events, Yrcarnos was murdered seven days after their wedding. (AUDIO: The Widow's Assassin)
    • Another version of Peri only experienced TV: Planet of Fire before being returned to Earth, settling down to a career as a therapist in Los Angeles. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox)
    • One version, under the name Queen Gilliam, fled her unhappy twenty-year marriage to Yrcarnos, encountered the Seventh Doctor, and later planned to go backpacking across the Earth. (PROSE: Bad Therapy)
    • And yet another iteration bore a family with King Yrcarnos -- including a daughter named Yrcanthia -- that led to a generation of grandchildren. Two grandsons and a granddaughter. Peri protected the Doctor, Frobisher, and her granddaughter, Princess Actis, from the various dangers of Krontep. (COMIC: The Age of Chaos)
    • Another version of Peri, having been rescued by Yrcanos, married him and became Warrior Queen of Krontep, ruling alongside her husband for many years and bringing about a new age of prosperity to the planet. Years later, following Yrcanos' death, Peri resumed travelling with the Doctor, as she saw that her former subjects no longer needed a figurehead, though she took to revisiting to Krontep once a year to check on their progress, as well as to pay loving tribute to her late husband. (Webcast: The Eternal Mystery)
  • Peri would meet the Seventh Doctor in PROSE: Bad Therapy and AUDIO: The Light at the End.
  • When meeting an older iteration of Peri in Los Angeles in 2009 who had no memory of their travels after their first encounter, (TV: Planet of Fire) the Doctor mentioned Sil in an attempt to jog her memory. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox)
  • Shortly after disrupting the Alphans' control centre and after becoming separated from Yrcanos en route to save Peri, the Doctor is forcibly taken out of time by the Time Lords and brought to the trial room. (TV: The Mysterious Planet) After this point in the evidence, events are narrated by the Inquisitor, rather than by the Valeyard acting as prosecuting counsel, implying knowledge of the High Council's actions. A detail that would later become relevant in AUDIO: Trial of the Valeyard.
  • The Doctor is also wearing his red cravat here. (TV: The Mysterious Planet)
  • The Doctor's preoccupation with the console responsible for the mechanical tide control, despite the klaxons and Peri's warnings they should leave, mirrors a similar error made by the First Doctor on Skaro with Susan. There, his preoccupation, despite Susan's urgings, leads them to be trapped by the Daleks. Here, the Doctor and Peri are trapped by Frax, who accuses them of murder. (TV: The Daleks)
  • The Doctor would later encounter Crozier's daughter Cordelia in London in 2382. She blamed the Doctor for her father's death. (AUDIO: Antidote to Oblivion)
  • The Doctor previously avoided visiting Thoros-Beta due to its garish "colour" scheme. (AUDIO: Zaltys)

Home video and audio releases[]

VHS releases[]

  • This story was released as Doctor Who: Mindwarp
  • It was released:
    • UK October 1993 (released with the other The Trial of a Time Lord stories in a TARDIS-shaped tin with a random picture of one of the (then) seven Doctors on the base)
    • US October 1993 (same as the UK release except packed in a cardboard box in honour of Doctor Who's thirtieth anniversary)
    • Australia October 1993

DVD releases[]

Special Features[]

Blu-ray release[]

  • This story was released in the Season 23 Boxset on 3 October 2019.

Blu-ray Contents:

  • Audio Commentary featuring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Philip Martin.
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
  • Isolated Music Soundtrack - The original music master for these episodes are lost, so a new recording was commissioned from composer Richard Hartley. This new music can be heard on the 5.1 mix and as Isolated Music, while the original is present on the broadcast mono sound mix.
  • Production Subtitles.
  • The Making of Mindwarp
  • Behind the Sofa, featuring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Bonnie Langford, Fraser Hines, Matthew Waterhouse & Mark Strickson.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes.
  • Studio and Location Footage
  • Temps X - a report from a French Magazine programme that visited the set during production of this story. (French language, English subtitles). Also includes behind-the-scenes photo gallery.
  • Breakfast Time - Producer John Nathan Turner, Nicola Bryant and Janet Fielding promote the Companions book on 20/10/86.
  • Now & Then - Revisiting the original locations used in the first, second and fourth segments of the Trial season.
  • Blessed on Doctor Who - Legendary Actor Brain Blessed talks about his career and lifelong love of Doctor Who in this 2007 interview.
  • 50 Years in the TARDIS - Colin Baker recalls his time as the Doctor in this 2013 interview.
  • The Sixth Doctor Revisited - A celebration of 'Sixie'. Contributors include Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Bonnie Langford and Steven Moffat (Executive Producer 2010-2017).
  • A Fate Worse than Death? - Clip from Part 14 of Trial of a Time Lord in which the Inquisitor reveals Peri's ultimate fate, with commentary from Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.
  • Trails and Contiunity announcements.
  • HD Photo Gallery.
  • PDF Written Archive.
  • Alternative/Extended Edits based on the director’s initial cuts for each episode, most episodes contain scene extensions and entire sequences that were removed before transmission. While some episodes are not much longer than the final broadcast versions, they may contain alternative takes or a different story structure.

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