The Third Doctor under a human mind probe (TV: Frontier in Space)

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A mind probe was a device which allowed an operator to extract information from a subject's mind through the use of some kind of projected energy.

Subjects were said to be at risk of brain damage if they were exposed to these devices for either long periods or high power outputs. (PROSE: Engines of War)

The Third Doctor once told Jo Grant that he had found a way to defeat mind probes, and quipped that he'd once destroyed a government's entire supply of probes. His method was to tell the truth in obscure wording to make it seem like he was talking gibberish. Later, when hooked up to an Earth Security mind probe, he demonstrated that his brain could destroy their versions as well, especially if the power was up too high. (TV: Frontier in Space)

A mind probe of Gallifreyan design was going to be used on the Castellan to discover the truth about the Black Scrolls of Rassilon, but he was shot before they could use it on him. Nevertheless, he exhibited great fear of the mind probe, which perhaps hinted at its power against the Time Lord brain. (TV: The Five Doctors)

General Nikolai Hermack considered using a mind probe on Milo Clancey to see if Clancey was telling the truth about being robbed by space pirates. (TV: The Space Pirates)

The Eleven used a mind probe on Coordinator Farina in order to extract the access codes he needed to enter the Omega Vault. In doing so, he "burned out" her mind. (AUDIO: The Eleven)

Torchwood Three also had a mind probe. They used it on Beth Halloran when they were trying to discover whether she had attacked the burglars who broke into her house. Ianto remarked that the last alien they used it on exploded. (TV: Sleeper)

Dalek X used a mind probe to torture and interrogate the Tenth Doctor. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks)

Jack Harkness claimed that it had a 100% success rate, counting only the survivors. (PROSE: The Undertaker's Gift)

The Daleks used mind probes to extract the blue prints for the persuasion machine. (AUDIO: Daleks Among Us)

During the Last Great Time War, two members of the High Council of the Time Lords on Gallifrey, Karlax and the Castellan, administered the probe to Cinder. Although human, she managed to survive it. (PROSE: Engines of War)