Milvo sat on the Temporal Scanning Service's oversight committee, and was thus a member of the High Council. He served at the same time as Sardon and Ragnar, and was directly involved in the recruitment of the Second Doctor to work for the Celestial Intervention Agency (PROSE: World Game) following the events with the War Lord. (TV: The War Games) He was a member of the Arcalian Chapter. (PROSE: World Game)

Milo was described as "plump, round-faced, sleek-haired with an air of bland cheerfulness." He was an Arcalian and wore its green robes. He was a natural philosopher and treated everything like an intellectual joke, such as the embarrassment of putting the Second Doctor to death for violating the non-interference policy, (TV: The War Games) just as they were about to do the same thing. (PROSE: World Game) Milo was wary of Sardon and understood the man was powerful.

It was Milo's task to lock and unlock a Time ring around the Doctor's wrist, guaranteeing his obedience. He had more traces of compassion than his peers, understanding the Doctor would make a better ally if he served them willingly. Nevertheless, he was a little complacent and didn't see the need to keep the Doctor under supervision. He was unpleasantly startled when Serena found him about to be shot by a firing squad. After rescuing him he asked the Doctor if he could go anywhere without getting into trouble. (PROSE: World Game)

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