Milkshakes were an Earth beverage usually made with milk or ice cream and flavourings or sweeteners like sugar and chocolate.

While working as a waitress in a café on Iceworld, Ace served strawberry milkshakes to the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush. When one customer complained about the quality of her milkshake, Ace tipped it over the customer's head. When her boss, Anderson, fired her for this, she tipped a milkshake over his head too. (TV: Dragonfire)

Eugene Jones favoured banana milkshakes. He ordered one when he visited Happy Cook. Gary forced him to drink the milkshake whilst Josh performed the Heimlich manoeuvre upon him, in an effort to recover a Dogon sixth eye Eugene had swallowed. (TV: Random Shoes)

The Tenth Doctor bet he could get Martha Jones the greatest chocolate milkshake she ever had. They travelled to such places as Costa del Centauri VI and 1950s Wisconsin, until they finally went to Korova Moo. (COMIC: Agent Provocateur) He told Florence Finnegan that he liked banana milkshakes. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Lucy Wilson asked two strawberry milkshakes on a diner. (PROSE: Just Shrink)

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