Dr Who 50th Making Of 2013

Milk's "making of" video on The Day of the Doctor.

Milk VFX was the visual effects company who worked on Doctor Who from the 2013 special The Day of the Doctor to the 2017 Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time. It also provided visual effects for Class. On Doctor Who credit rolls, it was credited as simply Milk.

Milk VFX was founded in June 2013 by Will Cohen, Sara Bennett, Nicolas Hernandez, Jean-Claude Deguara and Murray Barber. During the 4 years Milk worked on Doctor Who, Murray Barber served as an uncredited VFX supervisor.

Several of Milk's founding staff had worked on Doctor Who as part of The Mill's TV department.[1] Indeed, as of 2018, the Milk website listed The Mill team's work on Asylum of the Daleks[2] and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship[3] as some of their prior projects.

In 2018, DNEG TV took over visual effects, beginning with series 11.

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