The Military Elite was one of the Kaleds' two councils in the Kaled Dome on Skaro, along with the Scientific Elite. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

Davros' stepfather, Colonel Nasgard, and Major Brogan were members of the Military Elite until their deaths. (AUDIO: Innocence)

Davros eventually became a member of the Military Corps, although he wished to get out of the military and become a member of the Scientific Corps. He later achieved this ambition with the approval of the Supremo, the leader of the Kaled people. (AUDIO: Purity)

Nyder was once a lieutenant in the Military Elite before his promotion to security chief of the Scientific Elite's complex by Davros. (AUDIO: Guilt)

The duty of the Military Elite also included informing the public about the war's progress and but were reluctant to tell them that the Thousand Year War with the Thals was in a stalemate, as it had been for centuries. Another duty was control over the Military Youth. It was implied that each section of the organisation has at least a sergeant rank officer at its head and reports directly to a member of the military elite. They are also somewhat cruel in running the operation because they encourage members of the group to beat children who do not join the Military Youth. Members of the Youth have also been known to go on missions into Thal territory. (AUDIO: Corruption)

The Military Elite also served as the secret police, harassing dissenters and cracking down on peace activists. However, they were not aware that Major Brogan, a member of the council, was a peace activist until Lady Calcula used him as the scapegoat for her late husband Nasgard's death, which she herself had orchestrated. (AUDIO: Innocence)

The Military Elite seemed to be at odds with the Scientific Corps over policy and were known to have argued frequently. This extended to open hostility such as when a member of the Scientific Corps was shot for criticising the extent of the Military Elite's power. Another time, a scientist poked fun at an officer in the military and was hanged for supposed treason. (AUDIO: Corruption)

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