Miles Mokri was a young man from Los Angeles and the brother of Holly Mokri.

History Edit

Miles was a conspiracy theorist who somehow learned about Miracle Day and the plan to end death six months before it happened. Miles worked with Agent Joe Bradley of the FBI to stop the Three Families plot and managed to locate the "key to the Miracle," the blood of the immortal man. However, while Miles found a way to rig the coolant system of the vats of blood to explode and destroy the blood, he couldn't bring himself to do it, possibly because it could mean the eventual death of his sister if her cancer returned.

A week before Miracle Day began, Miles wrote about it on his blog. On his way to a meeting with Joe, Miles was ambushed by two men, but managed to escape and reach Joe. Miles was subsequently shot twice through the chest from behind by his best friend Nick, in reality an agent of a rival organisation to the Three Families before Miles could tell Joe anything. Due to the Miracle, Miles survived his wounds and was sent home due to the hospitals being overwhelmed. Working together with Joe and Nick, Holly uncovered Miles' knowledge of the Miracle as well as Nick's identity as Miles' shooter from a traffic camera. After discovering the blood, Holly used a gun hidden by Miles to take down Nick and his goons, but was left in a dilemma as if the Miracle ended, Miles would likely die. In the end, Holly destroyed the blood anyway using Miles' program and hoped that Miles would be proud of her.

By the time that the Miracle was negated, Miles had recovered from his wounds enough to survive the return of death. Miles continued to recuperate under Holly's care and it was indicated that Holly kept a bag of Jack's immortal blood in case something happened to her or Miles. (WC: Web of Lies)

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