Miles Barrington Smythe was a Russian spy working undercover in London in 1963.

Miles worked with the MI6 double agent Barker. On 23 November 1963, Miles left secret documents for Barker which instructed him to use his government employee card to access information, in William Pike's cab before being arrested by the police. Bill Pike was taken to a police station with Jorjie Turner from 2050, due to her strange communications device. Bill was sent to be interrogated by Barker while Miles took his place in the cell with Jorjie. K9 Mark 2 and Starkey arrived at the cell and set them both free.

Barker later met with Miles to discuss their close escape. He complained Miles took his time setting the self-destruct and that "the mechanical-dog" almost revealed him. (TV: The Cambridge Spy)

Personality Edit

While undercover in London, Miles acted like a stereotypical Englishman with a strong accent. (TV: The Cambridge Spy)

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