Mike Kelt was the visual effects designer for the Doctor Who television stories Enlightenment, The Five Doctors (with John Brace) and The Mysterious Planet. He was also an uncredited visual effects assistant on Meglos (INFO: Meglos)

He is perhaps most associated with the 35mm model shot of the space station at the beginning of the Doctor Who story The Trial of a Time Lord.

His other multi-serial contribution to the series was his design of the TARDIS console. It debuted in The Five Doctors and was used throughout the rest of the 1980s. According to John Brace in The Fifth Doctor Handbook, this commission was separate from the visual effects or simple set design of The Five Doctors itself. Kelt and his team did the console, period. The final console room of the original run of Doctor Who was therefore the combination of Kelt's console and the surrounding walls created by designer Malcolm Thornton.

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