Might was the eighteenth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology A Life of Surprises. It was written by Neil Corry.

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While sitting in a bar on the Kintabi homeworld, Benny notes that someone is looking for her. She makes her exit, heading for her ship. When she arrives, she is just in time to see it flattened by a Neo-Aretian destroyer. Fortunately, Joseph left the ship in time and was preparing to listen to the destroyer's owner apologise.

Suddenly the air turns green and a man appears. He tells Joseph to stand down and calls Benny "Mum". He runs off, dragging her with him, and heads for a cave. Benny demands an explanation, but she knows he's Keith. He explains that he's a "potential" Keith, and that if she had tried to leave the planet with a headdress that she had previously found[statement unclear]

Suddenly they are joined by several Nimmari, who shoot at them. Benny loses consciousness, and when she wakes up she and Keith are alone again. He explains the headdress is the last one of several ancient Kintabi weapons. He tries to take the headdress from her, but she is still suspicious, so he shows her a note. As she reads it, he knocks her over and takes the headdress from her. More Nimmari arrive and kill Keith. Then, several Neo-Aretian soldiers enter and kill the Nimmari, destroying the headdress and rescuing Benny.

Later, Benny writes in her diary that the note made her suspicious that "Keith" wasn't who he said he was.

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  • Keith's mannerisms remind Benny of Jason.
  • The Kintabi changed their DNA structure to keep themselves from desiring power.

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