Midrash was the twelfth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Ian Mond.

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A special investigator, Ash Madai, has arrived on the Collection. He is greeted by security officer Bertram, and asks for a tour. He observes the people he sees, and makes comments about them to Bertram.

Meanwhile, Benny confronts Mushtaq Anson in his office, afraid that he plans to have Irving Braxiatel tortured. Anson replies that the special investigator has never had to resort to torture.

On the tour, Ash Madai speaks to Mister Crofton. Bertram can't hear what is said, but Ash Madai tells Crofton that his sabotage won't work but his garden will be a testimony to his wife. Mister Crofton smiles.

At a bar, Ash Madai speaks to Jason Kane, causing him to cry. When Bertram asks him what he said, Ash Madai causes Bertram to remember his mother, whom he betrayed to the Axis.

Benny finds Bev in her quarters with a message from Brax. He knew the Axis would eventually bring in Ash Madai, and he's taken steps. He gives Benny instructions, and she calls on Joseph for help.

Ready to interrogate Brax, Ash Madai orders everyone out of the room, though Anson plans to watch the proceedings from the security cameras. Brax' eyes are closed, and he doesn't respond to any of Ash Madai's conversation.

Benny retrieves a box. In it is a ring. Joseph tells her that, according to Jewish folktale, Ashmadai assisted King Solomon in building the temple. He is the King of the Demons, and the ring will free him.

Ash Madai tells Brax that the Axis will be defeated. If Brax doesn't tell him how to get the ring, he will inform Anson how the Axis will be defeated. Ash Madai now has Brax' attention.

Ash Madai visits Benny, having learned from Brax that she has the ring. She confronts him with his identity, but is prepared to keep the ring from him. However, he tells her that if she doesn't give him the ring, he will tell Anson where Peter is hiding. Defeated, she gives him the ring and he leaves.

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