A micropar was a unit of measurement used on the Vantalla Psychoscale to register psychokinetic force.

When the Fourth Doctor was assaulted by the Mentiads, K9 Mark II's instruments registered that he was struck by a gestalt-generated psychokinetic blast on a wavelength of 338.79 micropars (TV: The Pirate Planet) with interference patterns on 317.06, 259.13, and 15.41 micropars, (PROSE: The Pirate Planet) reaching a peak power level of 5347.2 on the Vantalla Psychoscale. (TV: The Pirate Planet) According to the Fourth Doctor, 5347.2 on the Vantalla Scale represented the power that would move a single teacup 5347.2 miles, or 5347.2 teacups one mile, or an entire Gallifreyan ceremonial dinner service 25.462875 miles. (PROSE: The Pirate Planet)

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