Mick Thomson was a human living on Dalek-occupied Earth.

The Daleks enslaved Thomson and forced him to work in their Bedfordshire mine until he escaped. He was recaptured by Robomen and led, along with the rebel Jack Craddock, to the Dalek flying saucer in Chelsea, London.

Terrified of going back to the mine, he attempted to convince Craddock that they could make a break for it before being taken aboard, but Craddock warned him against it. Thomson pushed Craddock away and tried to escape, but was surrounded by Daleks. The Dalek Saucer Commander ordered the other Daleks to kill him, which they did. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Thomson is never named on-screen; his name is given only in the closing credits. His first name was only ever mentioned in the novelisation.
  • In the novelisation, Thomson is credited with helping Craddock kill the two Robomen in the patrol that brought them in and brags about it to the Daleks. The physical descriptions of the men seem to indicate that the author, Terrance Dicks, confused the appearance of Thomson for Craddock.
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