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Michelangelo was a 16th century human artist. The Doctor described him as a whiner but also seemed to be friendly with him, once calling him "Mikey." (TV: Vincent and the Doctor, PROSE: The War of Art)


In 1508, Michelangelo began working on the Sistine Chapel, despite his fear of heights. The Doctor, who was present at the time, told him that he should not have taken the job. (PROSE: Managra, TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

In early 1511, he began working on the chapel's ceiling. Six months after beginning, he was tasked with creating a Weeping Angel by the Order of the Three Angels. The Fifth Doctor met Michelangelo after the angel was completed and together they trapped the angel beneath the Sistine Chapel. (AUDIO: Fallen Angels)

Sometime after both men survived the incident, the Doctor took Michelangelo to the Cathedral of Contemplation to gain the inspiration needed to properly complete work on the Sistene Chapel's ceiling. (AUDIO: Out of Time) Michelangelo finally accomplished the work in 1512. (AUDIO: Fallen Angels)

Undated events[]

Michelangelo at Momus' dinner party. (PROSE: The Lonely Computer)

Momus abducted him for its dinner party while he had a model in his studio. (PROSE: The Lonely Computer)

At some point, Michelangelo painted a portrait of the Sixth Doctor and gave it to him. Peri Brown found it in a TARDIS storeroom. (COMIC: Changes)

Later references[]

The Seventh Doctor mentioned him among the personalities would have never born if the First Rani had managed to avert the extinction of the dinosaurs. (TV: Time and the Rani)

On his travels, the Monk, a renegade Time Lord, acquired a sculpture by Michelangelo which had been lost to history. Lucie Miller threatened to break it if he did not return her to Blackpool in the early 21st century. The Monk instead materialised his TARDIS in the Deimos moonbase in the 23rd century and threw her out. The sculpture remained intact. (AUDIO: The Resurrection of Mars)

According to one account, the Tenth Doctor claimed that he had never met Michelangelo. (PROSE: The Stone Rose) However, according to another account, the Tenth Doctor stated he had definitely met him but also modeled for him once. (AUDIO: Out of Time)

An android copy of Michelangelo containing his memories was placed in the Paloma Centre. The Eleventh Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to control it into attacking the invading Arucha. The android moaned about attacking the group of Arucha, asking if he had to. The Doctor told him he had to. (PROSE: The War of Art)

In 2011, Donna Noble referred to a malfunctioning paint droid "Metal Michelangelo". (AUDIO: Technophobia)