Michael Sheard (born 18 June 1938 in Aberdeen, died 31 August 2005 on the Isle of Wright[1]) made several appearances on Doctor Who. He worked with every Doctor during the programme's original run save Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker. He was also a one-time Big Finish audio actor, where he worked with Paul McGann.

Doctor Who work

Television story appearances

Audio appearances

As documentary subject

Sheard was interviewed in several Doctor Who documentaries, including Osirian Gothic, Chronotrip, and Where on Earth Is ... Katy Manning Because She'd Really Like to Know!

Broader career

Outside Doctor Who he was perhaps best known for his portrayal of Admiral Ozzel in The Empire Strikes Back, and for playing Mr Bronson in Grange Hill. He also portrayed Adolf Hitler several times, most recently in an uncredited cameo in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He also played Heinrich Himmler on several occasions.

Following is a partial list of his non-Doctor Who career:

  • Heinrich Himmler (The Death of Adolf Hitler)
  • Dr Darwin King (Space: 1999, in episode "Dragon's Domain")
  • Adolf Hitler (Rogue Male)
  • Peters (The New Avengers, in episode "Faces")
  • Adolf Hitler (The Tomorrow People, in two-part episode "Hitler's Last Secret")
  • Adderly (All Creatures Great and Small, in episode "Sleeping Partners")
  • Klegg (Blake's 7, in episode "Powerplay")
  • Admiral Ozzel (Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back)
  • Heinrich Himmler (The Bunker)
  • U-Boat Captain (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  • Herr Grunwald (Auf Wiedershen, Pet, various episodes)
  • Reverend Edward Bunting (The Invisible Man)
  • Adolf Hitler (The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission)
  • Heinrich Himmler (James A. Michener's Space)
  • Adolf Hitler (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
  • Goering's Double ('Allo, 'Allo!, in episode #8.3)

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