Michael Green was a police detective who the Eleventh Doctor coincidentally named "Green" due to the colour of his suit. On 23 November 1963, he interrogated the Doctor with his partner (who the Doctor nicknamed Grey) on suspicion of stealing an ambulance and murdering Ben Parsons. Despite the Doctor's insistence that the Shroud was going to take over Earth, neither of them believed him. They had not encountered the alien either, which the Doctor said was due to a lack of imagination and psychic resonance. Eventually, FBI agent Warren Skeet took over the interrogation and sent the two detectives out of the room. After the Doctor and Warren Skeet exited the room, they saw detective Green, succumbed to the grief of the Shroud. The Shroud had already taken over the detective , and they were forced to leave him. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow)

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