Michael Bellini was a worker at Tiger Bay, Cardiff, turned inadvertent time traveller.

Bellini was doused with tachyon radiation from an explosion at the docks in 1953 while he and three co-workers unloaded a crate for Torchwood. The crate contained a sphere of tachyon radiation recently discovered in the Arctic. He travelled to 1941, into the midst of the London Blitz, then to an unspecified time at a Cardiff hospital where Owen Harper worked before joining Torchwood. Bellini was later referred to St Helen's Psychiatric Hospital. An indefinite time later, he travelled to Osaka, Japan, into the bedroom of a five year old Toshiko Sato. He was soon discovered by two Vondrax, and teleported away, leaving Toshiko alone.

He then travelled to Basement D-4 of the Hub where he met the 21st century Torchwood team. Each said they recognised him, but he didn't recognise many of them. It is here that he was again confronted by the Vondrax, and with Jack's help, escaped to a time when Gwen Cooper first met Andy Davidson. (PROSE: Trace Memory)

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