The Metropolitan was a weekly newsmagazine published in the United Kingdom during the 20th century. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

History Edit

The magazine launched in 1967. (PROSE: Amorality Tale)

Editor Sally Lincoln employed James Stevens to work for her magazine in 1970. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

A few years later — by which time the editor was named Percy Wolnough (PROSE: System Shock) — the Third Doctor met one of its staff journalists, Sarah Jane Smith. (TV: Planet of the Spiders)

Sometime in the 1980s Sarah Jane did an interview with the author Gregory P. Wilkinson for the magazine. (AUDIO: Wraith World)

In 1987, Sarah Jane wrote an article about Dr Francis Augur. (AUDIO: The Glittering Storm)

In 1995 Sarah Jane told the staff of New World University that she was working for the Metropolitan as an investigative journalist. (HOMEVID: Downtime)

In the late 1990s, Sarah Jane interviewed Scott Wojzek for the magazine. (PROSE: Moving On)

Sarah Jane resigned from the magazine at some point. (AUDIO: Comeback) However, she wrote another article for the magazine some time after her aunt's passing. The article contained photos of Lavinia and was read by Eddison Clough in 2009. (AUDIO: The White Wolf)

During the age of the Earth Empire, Transmetropolitan was a popular Earth holo-zine. (COMIC: Pirates of Vourakis)

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