Zab-Amira Merytra Ellainya was an agent of the Great Houses during the War in Heaven.

When Sutekh threatened to flood 15th century Earth with Mal'akh, Merytra attempted to guide Christian forces under the identity of "Ellainya of Alexandria". After failing to get a captain to lead his army against the Mal'akh, Merytra was captured by Mal'akh forces and taken to Sutekh. Sutekh used his mental powers to force Merytra to cut her wrist and then let a Mal'akh drink her blood, turning her into a Mal'akh.

Sutekh brought Merytra back to the Throneworld of the Osirian Court. (AUDIO: Coming to Dust) Upuat freed Merytra from Sutekh's will and she pledged her allegiance to him. She returned to Earth with other Mal'akh to purge all traces of Sutekh from Earth. (AUDIO: The Ship of a Billion Years)

In 1763, Merytra and her fellow Mal'akh came to Posto di Foraggio and encountered Justine and Eliza. (AUDIO: Coming to Dust)

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