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Meridians was a short story published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was written by Andrew Cartmel.


A man performs acupuncture on a young woman in a London office as she remembers a woman named Caroline Wade camping in the snow when she meets a mysterious man and young girl.


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  • Acupuncture was old before China was born.
  • The holy Cave of the Ancients, as known to the native Americans, is a rock cleft. It was a dwelling place of power that lies along the songlines of the ancient Ur-continent that spanned half of Earth before continental drift shattered it into Africa, America and Australia. The Doctor describes it as a relic of dreamtime more ancient than fire or language, sitting on meridians of deep power.
  • There are legends that before man, the Old Ones walked the earth. They looked like humans but had six fingers. Having power far beyond anything human, they only gradually ceded their dominance to mankind, and some say they're waiting for the opportunity to return.
  • A silver dagger was fashioned by the enemies of the Old Ones.


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