Meredith Louise Vieira is a veteran American news anchor and television presenter who played a news anchor in The Wedding of River Song.

At the time of production, Vieira was co-host of the American morning news and chat programme Today, as well as the syndicated American version of the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. She filmed her cameo during a visit to the Upper Boat Studios as part of a profile of Doctor Who produced for Today. The feature aired in America on 9 May 2011, only a few minutes after Vieira had made a high-profile on-air announcement she would be leaving Today in June 2011.

The Today feature was noted for giving away a number of minor spoilers relating to the season finale, including revealing the cameo appearances (via behind-the-scenes footage) of Richard Hope as Malohkeh and Ian McNeice as Winston Churchill, and also revealing aspects of the "alternate future" of the episode by revealing Vieira's dialogue.

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