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Not once it is stated in A Town Called Mercy that "Mercy" is located in Nevada. As per T:NO RW, this should be moved to either Mercy, or Mercy (town)

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Mercy was a town in Nevada. According to its residents, Mercy was a place of second chances.

In 1870, the town was in danger of starvation after the arrival of Kahler-Jex, who was being hunted by his cyborg Kahler-Tek for his crimes as a war criminal. Around its border, a circle of rocks and wood was placed so that no one could escape or enter. (TV: A Town Called Mercy)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Although the script never specifies that the town is in Nevada, set decoration heavily suggests that this is the case. Isaac's office, for instance, prominently features a reward poster issued by the office of the Governor of Nevada. The southernmost point of Nevada is also roughly two hundred miles from the Mexican border, as stated by Isaac.
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