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Mephistopheles Arkadian was a human intergalactic arms dealer who also dealt in temporal artefacts.


Early life[]

Leela told Arkadian that he had lost all honour when he exited his mother's womb. He had an Auntie Mim who gave him cologne at Christmas, many illegitimate children and at least five wives, being a serial bigamist. (AUDIO: Panacea)

Arkadian was convicted of eleven counts of blackmail and was wanted for fraud, identity theft, espionage, sabotage, insider trading and arms dealing. (AUDIO: Weapon of Choice) He was also a known drug smuggler and people trafficker. (AUDIO: Panacea)

Stoking war[]

Arkadian sought to bring about war between the Temporal Powers so that he could benefit from the chaos by selling weapons, allying himself with Torvald to take down President Romana. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye) Arkadian stole a consignment of Servitors from the orbital repository and sent them back in time to steal the Timonic Fusion Device, (AUDIO: The Inquiry, A Blind Eye) which was then left on the Third Moon of Kikrit to be collected by Nepenthe of Free Time.

When the Monan Host heard rumours that terrorists were trying to build a Timonic Fusion Device, they asked Arkadian to help them draw them out, but he refused and was sent to Gryben after stealing a Monan timeship. There, he met Leela, K9 Mark I and Andred, who was posing as Torvald's next incarnation. He was taken by Narvin to tell Romana what he knew and implicated the Monans as associates of Free Time. In exchange for immunity, he helped Romana in her attempt to recover and dismantle the device, but it dematerialised (AUDIO: Weapon of Choice) and moved a day into the future. (AUDIO: The Inquiry)

Selling Sissy[]

Arkadian and Torvald made a deal with Muriel Joy to sell her Cecelia Pollard. To this end, Torvald ingratiated himself into Sissy's life so that he could prevent her suicide, after which Arkadian could have her killed, stuffed and sold. However, Torvald betrayed Arkadian, prompting him to expose Torvald as a traitor to Narvin, who simply chose to keep an eye on him. Amongst the evidence that Arkadian had against him were recordings of him making shady deals in Bianca's Nightclub.

Due to Torvald's betrayal, Arkadian sent a telegram purporting to be from Charlotte Pollard to the British consulate in Munich, inviting Sissy back home to England. Promising to tell Romana who was behind the theft of the Timonic Fusion Device, Arkadian invited her to the Transcontinental Express on which Sissy was travelling and agreed to give her information in return for keeping Sissy safe until midnight. The sale ultimately failed to go ahead as Ms Joy was killed by Leela.

After Torvald had his mind wiped, Arkadian told Romana that he had been responsible for the Timonic Fusion Device and that the Servitors had been programmed to act in the event of his death. Romana pointed out that this would not make sense and said that the only person that would benefit from a war between the Temporal Powers would be Arkadian himself. Leaving with full immunity, Arkadian asked her to prove it, knowing that Torvald could no longer give evidence. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)


After the fall of the Matrix, Lord President Matthias invited him to remove Pandora's stockpile of weapons. Matthias, however, was in league with Irving Braxiatel, to whom he had sold his Collection. When Braxiatel's plan was completed, Arkadian appropriated a Battle TARDIS with the weapons, but was killed by Elbon, who was affected by the Dogma Virus, during his attempt to flee Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Panacea)