Mentu was a son of Amenhotep II and brother of Thutmose IV, Teti, and Erimem.

He had a reputation for bedding many women in Thebes, but finally decided to settle down after meeting one of Erimem's handmaidens, Hanek. Before he could declare his intentions to marry Hanek, his father betrothed him to Princess Miral, daughter of the Mitanni king, Gadamare. Mentu was displeased with this arrangement, and refused to speak with Miral. (PROSE: The Coming of the Queen)

Mentu later fathered a child to Hanek, whose descendants would survive into the 21st century and result in Ibrahim Hadmani. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh) At the end of his life Mentu attempted to save his father from being murdered by Miral, but he suffered a fatal snakebite and died. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh, The Girl with the Glass Face)

The first night after being summoned to London in 2015 by Ash-Ama-Teseth, Erimem dreamed of Mentu's murder. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh) She later went to the Egyptian exhibit where her brothers' mummies were on display in the London Museum of History and Antiquities and spoke to Mentu's mummified remains. (PROSE: Family)

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