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[[Category:Human artists]]
[[Category:Human artists]]

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Menlove Ereward Stokes was a celebrated avant-garde artist in the late 26th and early 27th centuries. He held the post of Professor of Applied Art at St. Oscar's University on Dellah until that institution's destruction in 2596. Stokes specialised in using odd materials for his creations. Stokes also hosted a popular weekly art transmission, Paint Along With Menlove. (BNA: Oh No It Isn't!)

He was an acquaintance of Professor Bernice Summerfield. Bernice described his works with the dung of the Giant Dellahan Dung Beetle as "fascinating but smelly". (BNA: Mean Streets) When she went on a trip, she lent him her bicycle, on the condition that he wouldn't use it for art. (BNA: Dry Pilgrimage)

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