Menaxus was a planet in Mutter's Spiral.

Irving Braxiatel created a fictional history for Menaxus in forty-three solar days, according to Al Jardine's The Dream Scenario, a Case Study in Virtual History. He also had ruins built on the planet to support it, including those of the Pentillanian Theatre. He planted the dream machine in the ruins to be found by Heletian archaeologists in 3980. He expected it to be taken back to Heletia, where it would be used to help the Rippeareans invade Heletia.

The scheme was delayed when the machine caused the deaths of almost all the archaeologists. The one survivor, Camarina Lannic, returned in 3985. She brought the machine back to Heletia as intended, belatedly fulfilling Braxiatel's plan. (PROSE: Theatre of War)

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