Megwyn Jones was a human who ran a home for troubled children in the Hope in Snowdonia.

Biography[edit | edit source]

After killing one of the boys, Terry, and burying him in the marshland, Megwyn discovered the Hope's power of resurrection. She killed and buried a large number of children before letting herself get caught.

Megwyn became one of the most loathed people in the United Kingdom and was found guilty of the serial killings, but refused to lead police to the bodies. She planned to wait until she was dying before doing so, so that she might use the land's powers to resurrect herself. In prison, she attempted to starve herself but was forcibly fed through a feeding tube.

Dr Owen Harper found that Megwyn had a tumour larger than a grapefruit, leading her to agree to take police to the bodies. There she killed and resurrected Colbourne and had Sally dig up Terry. She dug herself a grave and lay in it, but Owen had spoken to the dead and the land consumed her. (AUDIO: The Hope)

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