You may be looking for the DWAN short story.

Meet the Fam! was the only comic story published in Free Comic Book Day 2019.

The story's events are, in fact, a depiction of a false memory experienced by the Thirteenth Doctor. This revelation, as well as the reason for the false memory's existence, would not be revealed until the story Holiday Special, published in Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special.

Publisher's summary[]

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  • Ryan wonders if the amusement park could be an evil one like "the carnival in that book", which the Doctor identifies as Something Wicked This Way Comes.
    • The book was written by Ray Bradbury, who the Doctor notes was disappointed when the Doctor showed him what Mars was really like.
  • The Doctor uses her psychic paper to get the group into the park under the "Ultimate Supreme Class Multiguest Package".
  • Ryan wonders if the psychic paper could get them into Disney, which the Doctor confirms.
    • The Doctor claimed to have met Bradbury at Disney.
  • The Doctor, Ryan, and Yaz ride a roller coaster.
  • Ryan mentions that carnival games are usually rigged on Earth.
  • Graham takes part in what turns out to be a Bevivian game of chance.
  • The carnival vendor uses a short-range teleporter to place Graham in the prize pool.
  • The Doctor uses her sonic screwdriver to counter-rig the Bevivian ball game in her favour.
  • The alien child the Doctor and Yaz comfort has three parents.


  • The text of the "Police Public Call Box" sign on the TARDIS interior is incorrectly backwards.

Original print details[]

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